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Sullivan BEEhavior Team
The Sullivan BEEhavior Team

Anne Sullivan School is located near beautiful Minneapolis parks, the Mississippi River and the path of the Minneapolis Greenway bicycle and walking trail. Our community school, located in a quiet residential neighborhood, has a strong arts focus and a rich ethnic and cultural mix. Families and teachers are working together to strengthen individual student growth in all instructional areas.

Our mission is to prepare all of our students for productive futures by igniting a passion for learning and by teaching at the highest levels.

Our students, parents and staff are proud of Anne Sullivan School.  It is a vibrant school dedicated to challenging, supporting and inspiring students to achieve their highest potential.  We believe in community values.  Accountability, responsibility, follow-through and reflection are key practiced behaviors by all members of the Anne Sullivan community.

At Sullivan, we follow the four "B's":                                                                  Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, and Always Be Your Best!

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Minneapolis Fire Fighters - Operation: Warm
Minneapolis Fire Department - Operation: Warm