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Welcome to Mrs. Meredith's web page. I have been teaching at Sullivan since it opened in 1991! I have a B.A. degree from Concordia University, St. Paul, and a master's degree from the Universtiy of Minnesota. I currently hold teaching licenses in the areas of elementary education, deaf and hard of hearing education, and teaching students with learning disabilities. I currently teach Sullivan students who are deaf and hard of hearing and in grades 6-7. I will periodically post general information about class activities and assessments.   If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Oxford University Literacy Program

Sullivan D/HH Program was originally selected to participate in a literacy study with Oxford University in England during the school year of 2008/2009. The materials were created especially for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children. Students make measurable progress when using the Oxford materials. We continue to have access to the Oxford literacy and math materials and assessments. These materials will continue to improve students' skills in word analysis, grammar, writing, spelling, reading, and math skills.  

Assessment information

Students are frequently assessed to see whether they are meeting their IEP goals and mastering learning content (standards) information and skills. I use a system called "response to intervention". If assessments show that students are making good progress, all is well. If students are not making progress, I try different instructional interventions until I find something that is more successful. Click on the underlined words "assessment information" above for a link with more details.


There is much research to indicate that the most effective way to improve reading skills is to read lots of books and other text at the appropriate reading level. Students in the Sullivan D/HH Program  are formally assessed several times a year to determine their individual reading range. They read books in this range for independent reading in class and for homework. They are also assessed on their reading skills on an on-going basis using a program called Avenue DHH. We have been involved in developing and improving this program with the creators. 

Students are expected to read their Accelerated Reader (AR) and other books at their independent reading level for at least  30 minutes (for  more advanced and middle grades) five nights per week. Students should actually read more than this minimum requirement if they want to make the most progress in reading. If students read an additional night, they receive extra credit. AR recommends at least 60 minutes of reading each day for students who test below grade level. Please make sure that you actually see your child reading during this time. Please do not sign the paper if you have not seen your child reading. 

Students also should have individual vocabulary tests (Fry word timed tests) to study each night. 

Science/Social studies homework is also given several times per week. Some of this homework requires a little parental assistance. 

Math homework is usually assigned 4-5 days a week. It is due the next day. 

Students are also expected to study for quizzes and tests and complete other homework as assigned.  Please encourage students to use their planners to keep track of homework. Planners should be signed each day. Feel free to write ma a note if you have questions. 

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