Ms. Chapman, Kindergarten, Room 104
Kindergarten News Room 104
From Mrs. Chapman
Important Information
Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year at Anne Sullivan Communication Center! It is hard to believe that summer is over and fall is already here. I am delighted to have your child in my classroom this year. I have planned a wonderful year for our Kindergarten Class! I hope you find the following information useful as you begin the year with your Kindergartner.
School Hours, Breakfast and Bus Info.
The school day is from 8:05-2:35.  When buses arrive, students should go directly to the school lunchroom. At this time they can choose to eat breakfast or talk quietly with friends. Breakfast is free for all children and is served until 8:05. Students have from 7:50-8:05 to eat. I will be with my students during this time. The official school day begins at 8:05. Students arriving after this time will be considered tardy and should get a pass from the office staff.
Dismissal: I will be bringing children out to the busses. Kindergarten classes dismiss slightly earlier to get to busses to assure that we get all students to the correct spot at the end of the day. Please do not send family or friends down to take children to busses. It gets confusing and I want to be sure that I see them safely to the correct area.   They should wait on the bus for older siblings or friends they need to meet. If you are picking up your child, parent pick-up is right in front of the school on 28th St.. At dismissal if your child is a scheduled bus rider and you plan to pick him/her up we require a written note the morning that the change will occur. If there is no note, your child will be put on their regularly scheduled bus. I cannot accept a verbal change about dismissal from your child. For the safety of your child, school policy states, I need a note.
Food Policy ***NEW***
There is a new District policy on food in the classrooms. Children will not be allowed to bring cake or cupcakes or any food treats for their birthday. They are allowed to bring non-food treats such as pencils, stickers or other prizes. Food in Classrooms Regulation 6690c “Food shall not be served as a reward, incentive or as part of a personal celebration whether prepared by the teacher or by a student or student’s family.” Please contact Ron Wagner the principal for any further questions. 612-668-5000 Thank You
Bus/Transportation Tag
I am placing a transportation tag on your child’s backpack. Please make sure this tag is on their backpack each day so we get your child to the right place at the end of the day. If there is an emergency the information is right with your child. It is also helpful if I am gone and a substitute teacher is taking the class out. This information should be on your child’s backpack all year. Thank you for your help.
Please do not send your child to school if he/she does not feel well. Often children want to come to school even when they are sick. A sick child spreads germs to everyone else and they are usually miserable in school. Call the attendance office if your child is sick and will not be coming to school (612 668-5005). This will be considered an excused absence. Also, please make sure we have a current emergency number where you can be reached if your child gets sick or has an accident at school.
Your child will be bringing home a “Very Important Papers Folder.”  On Wednesdays he/she will bring home a “Home Activity”. This will be the “homework” your child is to complete at home and return by the following Monday. Naturally, most Kindergarten children do not have the reading and writing skills necessary to complete the homework assignments independently. There are some activities that your child can work on alone with a minimum amount of instruction from you. Other activities may require some help with writing from you. I hope that you enjoy these activities and the special time you spend helping your child. We have a Homework chart in our classroom, where I’ll be keeping track of returned assignments.
I will be sending home a newsletter a few times a month informing you of what we have been learning and the skills we are working on. This letter will also let you know of up-coming events. If you need to talk to me or have questions, I am available for phone calls before school starts (7:00-7:30) and most afternoons after students leave (2:40-3:30.) If you are unable to reach me during my free time please leave a message. My voice mail is 612 668-5742. My Email is (I am better at checking email than my voice mail.)
Your child will need a backpack. He/she will need to bring it every day. Please make sure to check your child’s backpack daily and look in his/her “Very Important Papers Folder.” The children forget to show you their papers and often forget about important papers that may require you to sign and return. Please feel free to buy school supplies for the class. We use the supplies as a community, so I will store the supplies in cupboards until we are in need of them. If you bought some cute supplies for your child leave them at home and use them for homework. I will send home any supplies that we do not use to you as well.  Since we sit at tables and not desks, instead of having individual school supply boxes, all materials are put together in containers and shared with everyone in the group.
Please make sure your child brings a backpack every day to ensure that notes, school work and books will get to and from school safely. Please check and empty backpacks daily. Sometimes important notices come home during the week that need to be addressed immediately. An “Important Papers” pocket folder will be kept at school until Wednesday.
Each day your child will be with another teacher for 55 minutes doing different, fun activities. Please have them wear tennis shoes on the days they will be in the gym. You may want to send a pair of gym shoes for them to keep in their cubby for P.E. days. 
Monday                                     Gym (Bring Tennis Shoes)
Tuesday                                    Art
Wednesday                               Gym (Bring Tennis Shoes)
Thursday                                  Media
Friday                                      Science
(The schedule I had for open house had an error so I am sending home a new and improved list. We only have one Media time. And Ms. Jave is now Ms. Prince. Sorry about the confusion.)
I love to have volunteers in our classroom. There are many ways you can help; One-on-on tutoring, helping out with a small group during centers, reading to the class or a small group, making copies, cutting out or preparing materials for an activity, helping shelf books in the Media Center or helping out in the office are just a few ways you could be involved. If you are interested, please let me know. 
I will acknowledge your child’s birthday in class. We will sing a birthday song and each child will get a birthday crown and pencil. If your child is born in the summer we will celebrate their “half” birthday. So if your birthday is June 17 we will celebrate on December 17, which would be when your child is exactly “half” way to their “whole” birthday. Please refer to the food policy in this letter. If you would like to send a small trinket to the class member’s contact me before hand so I can tell you how many students we have, and plan time for distributing them and having the children put their “treasures” away.
I know this is a lot of information. I hope you find it useful. If you ever have a question or concern, please contact me as soon as possible. You can call the main office at 668-5000, but unless it’s an emergency the office staff will not interrupt me while I’m teaching. My voicemail number is 612-668-9742. I check my voicemail daily after 3:00pm. My e-mail address is I check my e-mail every morning before school starts and at the end of the day. You can also send a note in your child’s “Very Important Papers Folder” (remind them to take their folder out of their backpack and put it in the basket for me to see.) I will do my best to respond the same day with a note or a phone call. I’m really looking forward to our partnership. Let’s work together to make this a fantastic year!
Thank You,
Sandy Chapman