Place Value

Place Value Puzzler (Identify what place digits are in.)

One False Move (Ordering Numbers)

Mystery Picture (Standard and written form.)

Place Value (Convert words to standard form)  scroll to the blue practice box in the middle of the page

Place Value with 6 Digits (Convert words to standard form - Challenge!

Math Car Racing Game (Addition and Subtraction)

Seashell Rounding (Rounding to the tens place)

Math Baseball (Addition and Subtraction)

Place Value Game (Arrange the digits to build the largest number you can.)

Guess the Number (Challenge!   ? + 5  + 5 = 15)

Cookie Dough (Convert standard form to written form.)


Number Builder (Make numbers using base ten blocks - Computer ONLY)

Catch Ten (Add cubes to create a ten - Computer ONLY)

Tank Fire (Convert written numbers to standard form. COMPUTER ONLY / does NOT work on an ipad)