School Improvement Plan 2015-2016

 Sullivan School Improvement Plan for 2015-2016



  • Help all of our students increase their literacy skills
    • Small group reading instruction
    • Additional interventions for students who are struggling
    • Additional adults to help support literacy in each reading block



  • Help all of our students increase their math skills
    • Guided math in grades 3 – 5
    • AMC/DNC math interventions for K-2
    • Do the Math intervention for 3 - 5


Student Engagement:

  • Build community for all students
  • Use restorative justice when there has been harm to the community
  • Use circles so that all voices are heard


 Family Engagement:

  • Increase communication
    • Connect with families through family meetings once a month
    • Commitment to working on our website
    • Increase the use of robo calls to communicate with families