Sullivan School is fortunate to have many resources available to parents and children. If you would like to talk with any of the student support service team members please contact them at the following numbers.


School Counselor                            Rachel Prince          668-5000  

School Psychologist                        Great Fenske          688-5000

Social Worker                                  Steve Lish                668-5014     ASD, Grades 2-5

Social Worker                                  Kristen Pederson   668-4991     Tu-Fr, Grades 6-8, Tues-Fri

Social Worker                                  Liliane Bilezikian    668-5008     M-Th, Attend, HHM, Hi-5, K

Social Worker                                  Birgit Larson           668-5022     D/HH, Grade 1, Americorps

Social Worker                                  Brenda Beyer         668-5029     ASD ECSE            

Licensed School Nurse                   Andrea Roth          668-5006     M-Th

                                                           Nell Helmvig          668-5006     Fri