What Do We All Know...

North Central Regional Educational Labratory and the Metiri Group define technology literacy as

"knowledge about what technology is, how it works, what purposes it can serve, and how it can be used effeciently and effectively to achieve specific goals."

Students at Anne Sullivan in Fifth through Eighth grades will select and use appropriate technology for educational and personal goals:

1.    Students imporove keyboarding skills, including advances i speed, accuracy, and general efficiency.

2.    Students use a variety of painting and drawing tools to create images and modigy digital photographs.

3.    Students build word processing skills, including automated proofreading and editing tools, margins and tabs, find and replace features, bullets and numbering, headers and footers, and page and section breaks.

4.    Students create multimedia presentations using multiple layouts, customized backgrounds, animations, slide sorting and arrangements features.

5.    Students use spreadsheets to organize data by using features such as rows, columns, cell formats, insert/delete/, and fill down/ across commands, formulas and functions, headers and footers.

6.   Students embed a spreadsheet into a word processing document.

7.   Students understand basics of web design, including creating background formats, inserting tables, images and hyperlinks .

8.  Students understand basic video production, such as adding music and narration tracks, appolying visualk techniques and effects, adding sound and creading a DVD.

9.   Students insert video into multimedia presentations or web pages.

10. Students recgnize the difference between networked and stand-aone computing environments and manage files.

11. Students identify and solve routine hardware and software problems.