Bus Policy

Minneapolis Public Schools provides bus transportation for many students to and from school. There are certain rules and regulations to protect the safety and welfare of each rider. Every child, regardless of age, must take responsibility for following these rules. Carelessness, thoughtlessness, or misconduct can cause injury to self and/or others. The Minneapolis Public Schools Citywide Bus Safety Policy applies at the bus stop and on the bus.

Students who ride the bus must not walk home unless the school has received a permission note from the child's parent/guardian.

A student may be denied the privilege of riding the school bus.

Immediate bus suspension

A student may be immediately removed from the bus and/or suspended from school if there is a serious problem on the bus. Suspension from the bus does not mean a child is suspended from school, but it does mean that parents have to find a way to get their child to school and pick their child up.


Parent/guardians will be billed for school bus vandalism caused by a person under the age of 18. A police report will be filed for vandalism.

Bus rules

  • Riding the proper bus
    • You are to take your assigned bus. You may not take someone else's bus unless you bring a note from home that gives you permission to ride another bus. You must get a special pass from the office to ride that bus. Get the pass early in the day. Sometimes buses are full and there is no room for another rider.
    • Ride your assigned bus unless you have a note from your parents/guardians to walk. If you ride the bus to school you must not walk home unless the school has received a permission note from your parent/guardian.
  • Getting to school on time
    • Don't miss the bus. Arrive a couple of minutes early to the bus stop. Remember to walk safely.
  • Waiting for the bus
    • Respect neighbors' property when waiting for the bus.
    • Board the bus at your assigned pickup point only.
    • Don't play around. Stay out of the street and back from the curb. You could be hit by a car or cause an accident.
    • Ssshhhhh! Wait quietly. People living nearby might be sleeping.
  • Boarding the bus
    • Get in line when boarding the bus. Stay back from the curb at a safe distance and wait for the bus to come to a complete stop.
    • Do not push or crowd others when entering.
    • Take your assigned seat right away. Remain seated. Do not move around the bus.
  • Riding the bus
    • Keep your voices down. The driver needs to concentrate on driving. Use respectful and appropriate language. Listen to the driver and follow his or her directions.
    • Keep the aisles clear. Nothing should block the aisles. Keep your books, bags, arms, legs and body out of the aisles.
    • If the driver lets you open a window, do not open it more than half way and always keep your hands, arms, and head inside. Never throw things out of a bus window.
    • Never eat anything on the bus. Do not drink beverages on the bus.
    • Animals are not allowed on the bus. (Exception: service dogs for physically or visually impaired people)
  • Getting off the bus
    • Be organized. Be ready to leave when you reach your step. Have all your books and other belongings gathered together.
    • Stay seated until your bus has stopped completely.
    • Exit at your assigned stop only.
    • Don't push. Let people in front of you get off the bus first.
    • Move away from the bus. Keep away from the side of the bus. If you must cross the street, stay on the curb and go 10 feet in front of the bus so the driver can see you. Wait until you get an all-clear signal from the driver. Look both ways before crossing.
    • After you get off the bus, leave the area right away. Go into the school building if it's morning. Go right where your parent/guardians expect you to go when school is out.
  • Entering and exiting the building
    • Enter the building at the main doors.
    • Walk at all times. Stay on the sidewalk. Go directly to your assigned area.
    • At the end of the school day, wait for the bell to ring. Exit on your assigned staircase.
    • WALK. Do not push or shove. Stay on the sidewalk. Go directly to your assigned bus.
  • Behavior problems on the bus
    • You can be taken off the bus if you don't behave.
    • If you have a problem on the bus, the bus driver will write you up and give the report to the student support team. You will meet with a team member. Your parent/guardian(s) will be contacted. You may be suspended from the bus.
    • Students from other schools may not ride the buses to and from Anne Sullivan Communication Center.
    • Parent/guardians: If your student is having a problem on the bus or with the driver, please call the school at (612) 668-5000.
  • Bus safety reminders
    • Never put your head, hands, or anything out the bus window! This is very unsafe and could lead to the loss of your bus riding privilege.
    • Don't wear clothes that might get caught on a bus handrail, door, or other equipment (such as long, dangling jacket or sweatshirt drawstrings, long backpack straps, long scarves, etc.).
    • Don't try to pick up something dropped near the bus -- the bus driver might not see you!
    • Always stay away from the Danger Zones around the bus.

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