The staff of Anne Sullivan Communication Center believes in fair and consistent discipline in order to promote and maintain a positive learning environment. All adults in the school work as a team to insure the welfare of all children.

School and home share responsibility for teaching and modeling behavior. Ultimately, each student has the responsibility to manage his or her own behavior so that learning can take place. We expect every student to contribute to a positive, healthy, and safe learning environment by following the All-School Expectations.

The Citywide Discipline Policy of Minneapolis Public Schools is a guide to consequences for misbehavior. Please review this policy with your child.

The Policy Against Harassment and Violence of Minneapolis Public Schools is summarized in this handbook. Please review this policy with your child.

Children need to know that the laws and ordinances in effect in our city and state are also in effect when students are in school. Parents and guardians: please review the entire school handbook with your child. It spells out specific rules of conduct for students. Staff will be using the handbook throughout the school year.

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