Dress Code

Students are expected to conform to a standard of appearance appropriate for the business of school. Student attire must not present and obvious health or safety hazard. Clothing that exhibits obscene, offensive, or inappropriate messages or pictures cannot be work during the school day. Bandanas of all colors may not be worn, hung from pockets, or carried at school.

Anne Sullivan Communication Center is a climate-controlled environment. Halters or other tops with spaghetti straps, bare backs, muscle shirts, and/or short-shorts or mini-skirts are considered inappropriate school attire.

Any student who does not follow this standard of appearance will be asked to remove, correct, or change the item. Our social workers keep clean, appropriate clothing on hand.

Hats, caps, headgear (such as do-rags and headbands, but not including head coverings worn for religious purposes), jackets, coats, gloves, backpacks and purses must be placed in the student's locker upon entering the school and kept there for the school day (except at recess or during outdoor activity, when weather-appropriate items may be worn). These items, if used inappropriately, may be confiscated and a parent/guardian will be called to pick the item up.

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