Field Trips

Classrooms may take field trips in the community during the school year. Permission slips will be sent home with all children prior to the date of a trip. Students must have written permission from a parent or guardian to go on a field trip. Please sign and return the walking field trip permission slip that is included in this school handbook.

A student may be excluded from a field trip for the following reasons:

  • Unsafe behavior: Students who have had incidents at school of running away, hurting others, or hurting oneself may be excluded.
  • Noncompliance: Students who have had repeated incidents of not listening to and complying with staff directions may be excluded.
  • Not meeting goals: Some field trips (such as roller skating) are rewards for student accomplishments. If your child has not achieved the goal for the trip, he or she may be kept back.
  • No permission slip: The student will not go on the field trip if the permission slip is not signed by a parent/guardian.
  • Field trip problem: A student may be kept back from a field trip if he or she had a behavior problem on a prior field trip.
  • Students who fail to return or pay replacement costs for Media Center (library) materials may lose the privilege of attending the end of the year class field trip. Middle Grades: any costs incurred from lost materials will be deducted from the student's fundraising account before any funds can be used for other purposes.

Parents/Guardians: You will receive notification if your child is kept back from a field trip because of behavior.

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