September, 13, 2006
Hello Families,
    Welcome to “Fund-raiser Season”!  We have TWO fundraisers starting.  The first one is for the classrooms directly.  This fundraiser is selling the Innisbrook gift wrap and candy.  The money collected will go directly to the classrooms for field trips, curriculum, and activities.  We are asking families in the fourth and fifth grade to sell enough product to raise $25 per child.  To earn $25 per child you would need to sell $50 of the product.  Another option (if you choose not to sell) is to donate a flat amount to your student’s classroom teacher.  A check written out to Anne Sullivan School for $25 will work.  The other option is to sell and donate money.  If you sell $30 that would mean $15 profit for the class.  You could then write a check for the other $10.  We understand that money is an issue at times.  We try to use the fundraiser as a way for children to pay for ALL their field trips, curriculum, and activities at once.   
    The second fundraiser is for the STAR student program.  This is a program that benefits ALL the children at Sullivan School.  It is a once a month reward time for children that have shown that they can follow the Sullivan Expectations:  Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe and Be Your Best.  In the past these programs have included: going to the park and a free ice cream treat, movies and popcorn, jugglers, yo-yo artists, and the raptor center.  These programs are directly funded through the VG2 fundraiser.  This fundraiser involves selling “cards” for various fast-food restaurants.
    Information for the Innisbrook fundraiser is included today.  Information on the VG2 fundraiser will come home next week.  Thank you for your time, patience, and resources during this very busy time of year~!


                            4/5 Team

                            Mrs. LeVahn
                            Mrs. Okerstrom
                            Mrs. Duffy
                            Mrs. Gores