Health Policy


Minnesota immunization law requires meeting immunization requirements in order to enroll in or transfer into any Minneapolis Public School. Call the Health office for further information regarding these requirements. Recent cases of diphtheria and whooping cough have been reported throughout the country. Measles, rubella, and their potential serious complications still occur. Please keep a permanent record of your child's immunizations and send updated information to school. Students entering 7th grade must have their MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) booster shot!


To provide for the safety and protection of students in the school setting, it is essential that the following procedures be followed when dispensing prescriptions or over-the-counter medication (including aspirin, cough syrup and Tylenol) in school:

  1. The school health clerk must receive completed medication consent form containing the signatures of the doctor prescribing the medication and of the parent/guardian.
  2. Medication must be sent to school in the prescription bottle appropriately labeled by tech pharmacist or physician.
  3. Parents must notify the school when the medication is discontinued, the dosage is changed, or the time is changed. If the medication is resumed, a new consent form must be received.
  4. All medication administered at school will be kept in locked drawer, cabinet, or file.

Food Items

Do not send homemade food or treats to share in your child's classroom. Only commercially produced and individually wrapped food items may be shared.

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