At Sullivan, we have 2 full day High Five classrooms.  Each class has a teacher plus 2 support staff.

Your child will learn the routine of being in an elementary school building.  Parents/guardians should understand that this is the first step in your child's school life.  Having your child come to school well rested and feeling good makes for a good learning day! 

The Minneapolis Public School's High Five Program follows the Minnesota's state standards for preschool education.
Students in High Five will learn how to:

  • recognize and print their first and last name.
  • recognize the alphabet, upper and lower case, and say the sounds.
  • recognize, print and count numbers from 0-10.
  • count up to 31.
  • recognize 4 shapes.
  • recognize 8 colors.
  • know the differences of positional words (i.e. up, down, under, etc.).
  • respect and share with others.
  • respect reading of books and listening to stories.
  • take care of their personal space and self.
  • respect for all of the things in the classroom.
  • change from one activity to the next (transition).
  • stand in line and move through the schools hallways.
  • play with others.
  • how to sit on the bus and bus safety.
  • identify the changing of the seasons through the calendar months, days of the week, and date.
  • use fine motor skills by printing, coloring, painting, cutting, gluing, etc.
  • use large motor skills by playing with big blocks,
  • marching to music, crawling, hopping, and sitting on the rug.

Families should be prepared to listen to their High Fiver tell the stories they heard and what they did in the classroom each day.  This will build their self confidence and vocabulary which leads to learning how to read eventually.  Checking their backpacks every day for their school work and announcements should be a regular routine.
Strong and consistent family support helps High Fivers every day!