Homework Schedule and Survival!


        Math homework assigned (due Tuesday)

Tuesday:         Spelling homework assigned (due Friday)

Wednesday:    Writing homework assigned (due Thursday)          

Thursday:         "Time for Kids" assigned (due Monday)

Friday:             Spelling test day
                        Spelling words for next week handed out
                        Reading log assigned (due the following Friday)
                        Reflection card sent home (due Monday)

All Week:        Students will be working on learning how to spell their spelling                                             words as well as reading 20 minutes a night.


Helpful Hints:
  • Develop a homework schedule.  Establish a time and place where homework should be done.
  • Choose a location in an area where your child can work with as little distraction as possible.
  • Make a habit our of checking student's work...they work harder when they know you care :)
  • Make sure to develop a routine of putting completed homework in backpacks to get returned  to school.  MANY assignments sit at home completed because they didn't make it into the backpack.
  • Materials: Scratch paper, extra pencils, guidebook, calculator, Patience!
Be Successful...  You Can Do It!