Illegal and/or Unsafe Items
Students may not bring items such as tobacco and alcohol to school. It is against the law for minors to have these items anywhere in the community.

Students may not bring illegal drugs, controlled substances, or mood-altering substances to school. These items are against the law for all ages to have in our community.

Do not pretend to have drugs or attempt to sell look-alike drugs.

Do not bring items that contain unsafe inhalants (certain markers, paint, glue, etc.) to school. Do not bring lighters or matches to school.

Breath spray and mouthwash containing alcohol may not come to school.

Students may not bring firecrackers or any explosive item to school.

Do not bring laser printers or similar items to school.

Weapons and look-alike weapons may not come to school. (See the Weapons and look-alike section in this handbook.)

Students are discouraged from bringing or wearing heavy metal chains to school, such as dog leashes or big metal chains worn as pocket decorations or jewelry.

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