Lunch and Lunchroom Behavior
Students may purchase a hot lunch from school or bring a lunch from home. Students who bring a lunch from home may purchase milk separately. Money for lunch must be paid in advance for the following week.

At lunchtime, students eat in the cafeteria with their homeroom class. Food and beverages are to be consumed in the cafeteria. Students may not eat in other areas of the building unless a teacher has approved it as part of a class activity.

Students will be issued a Personal Identification Number (PIN) by the Nutrition Center. This number must be entered on a keypad when picking up a school breakfast or lunch.


Free or reduced price lunch is provided for those who qualify. The appropriate eligibility letter or application must be submitted each school year. (All parents/guardians are encouraged to fill out the application for free or reduced lunch. Additional federal funding to our school is based on the number of qualifying applications received by the school. Please turn in all applications or eligibility letters.)

Students who don't turn in a current eligibility letter or approved application for free/reduced lunch will be served an optional lunch (sandwich and milk) until the application/eligibility letter is received by the

school and processed. Students with past due accounts will also be served the optional lunch.

Students are expected to behave appropriately in the cafeteria at all times. Eat at your assigned table. Line up safely and appropriately with getting your food. Walk, don't run, in the cafeteria. Do not throw away any items. Never leave the cafeteria unless you have a pass or permission. Clean up your area when done eating. Recycle cans in appropriate containers.

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