Recess/Playground Policy
Students get a recess break at lunch. All students go outside and are encouraged to get fresh air and exercise. It is an important time to play and talk to friends. It is an opportunity to have some fun.

When the weather is very cold or stormy, students may be given an indoor recess option, such as games. Please send a note to school if your child has a special health need and is restricted in recess activity. (Remember, we encourage students to go outside for recess.)

Recess is a privilege that can be taken away for inappropriate behavior. Parent and guardians, please review the following section with your child.

Students: follow all the PART expectations on the playground!

  • Play safely. Most of the rules set up for the playground are to keep you safe.
  • Dress warmly and appropriately for cold or stormy weather. Wear warm clothes that protect all parts of your body. This includes a jacket, hat, mittens, and boots.
  • Use all playground equipment properly. Never climb on top of any of the equipment. Do not jump off. We want you to be safe!
  • Be very careful when using the swings and tire swings. Sit on a swing properly. Your feet belong inside the tire swing. Swing at a low height.
    No underdog (do not run under the swings). Do not jump off the swings. Stay a safe distance away from the swings when other students are swinging.
  • Do not run in the sand area by the swings and playground equipment. Do not play tag in the sand area. Do not chase people in the sand area. Keep all balls out of the sand area.
  • Use the slides safely. Go feet first down the slide. Do not walk back up the side to get to the top; use the ladders. Do not block others from coming down the slide. Do not jump off the slide partway down.
  • If someone gets hurt on the playground, get an adult right away. Do not try to move the hurt person. Leave them where they are and run for help.
  • Play acceptable recess games like soccer, basketball, kickball, football, jump rope, or four-square. Remember, no hard baseballs or bats will be allowed out at recess time.
  • Do not play rough. Do not fight. Do not play fight. Do not wrestle. Do not demonstrate, use, or practice any wrestling moves or techniques.
  • Remember the Peace expectation. Ask for help to solve problems. Ask for mediation. Remember, students who behave in an unsafe way will lose recess.
  • Do not throw snowballs, rocks, or other items that can hurt people.
  • Know the assigned
    area for each activity. Use these areas properly. For example, play soccer on the big field, not on the basketball court.
  • Do not cut through other people's game area. Respect games that are being played. Go around.
  • Know and stay within the recess boundaries. Stay away from the railroad track fence. Do not go into the parking areas. Never leave the playground unless you have permission from the teacher or staff in charge of your recess!
  • Remember to be kind. Use kind words and actions. Do not swear or use profanity. Do not threaten or be mean to others.
  • Treat the playground property with respect. Keep our play area neat and clean. Report any graffiti.
  • Mark mitts, balls, jump ropes, etc., from home with your name. Ask before playing with equipment that belongs to other people. Ask before joining in games with your classmates.
  • At lunch recess, stop playing when the bell rings. Put all balls and equipment away in their proper places. If you borrow school equipment, you are responsible for returning it.
  • Enter the building quietly and return to your assigned area.

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