Weapons Policy and Look-Alikes
Students at Anne Sullivan Communication Center may not bring a weapon or look-alike weapon to school. The weapons policy states that possession of a weapon will result in

  1. an initial suspension for five days.
  2. confiscation of the weapon.
  3. notification to the police liaison officer.
  4. a recommendation to the superintendent that the student be expelled.

Please see the MPS Citywide Discipline Policy for specific details.

refers to having a weapon on one's person or in an area subject to one's control (example: locker).
any firearm (loaded or unloaded), any device designed as a weapon or through its use capable of producing bodily harm or death, or any device or instrument which is used to threaten or cause bodily harm or death. Look-alike weapons are treated as weapons.

Student are advised that common items not intended to be weapons (such as scissors, furniture, or pencils) will be considered a weapon if they are used in a threatening or dangerous manner.

Students who find a weapon on the way to school or in the building or in a jacket pocket, etc., should immediately report/give the weapon to a supervision adult who will turn it in to the principal. Students who follow this procedure will not be considered in possession of a weapon.

Please discourage your child from picking up a weapon that they might find. Instruct your child to report the location of the weapon immediately to a staff person at school.

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