Art Adventure
6th Grade Cultural Relections - Winter 2007
Art Adventure is a program sponsored by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  Students study and discuss eight pieces of art based upon a common theme.
Parent leaders receive training from the Minneapolis Art Institute and then visit their student's classroom  to provide the art  instruction. 

At Sullivan, students also create a piece of artwork that is inspired by one of the works discussed in the lesson.  The artwork is usually displayed around the school building and it is fun to compare similar projects done by all the students, from kindergarten through eighth grade.
African masks made in first grade

After the classroom instruction is completed, students visit the Minneapolis  Institute of Arts to view the works of art they have studied. Parents are encouraged to volunteer to support the Art Adventure program at Sullivan.  Usually, each classroom has two parent volunteers working together to provide the art instruction. 

Art Adventure training (for parents) occurs in November/December and the classroom instruction is scheduled in January or February.  We are always looking for parent volunteers and no artistic talent is required!  Please contact your child's teacher if you are interested in
Shadow puppets in first grade

Arts for Academic Acheivement is an additional art program offered at Sullivan. This program creates collaborations between classroom teachers, artists and arts organizations to improve student achievement.  Teachers at each grade level design projects that  meet the needs and goal of their students, such as: Clay creations in kindergarten, Shadow Puppets in first grade, Masks in second, Theater Arts in third, Story Telling in fourth and fifth, and Writing and Performance in eighth grade.

Interested performers, writers, artists, and/or musicians may pick up applications for partnership from the main office.