Gavin Finelli

Mr. Finelli's Room

My name is Mr. Finelli, and welcome to my classroom page!

First, a little bit about my history in education. This is my first full-year of teaching as the 3rd-5th grade Special Education Resource Teacher at Anne Sullivan. Prior to this school year, I was a substitute teacher for Minneapolis Public Schools from 2016 to 2018, and I was also an English teacher in South Korea from 2014-2016. In 2011, I graduated college from Iowa State University. Currently, I am studying for my master's in Special Education at Saint Mary's University Twin Cities Campus. 

In my classroom, my students and I are learning about math, reading, writing, and social skills. Often, during our morning meetings, we discuss our emotions using the colors of the 'zones' of regulation. Each day, the students amaze me with the inspiring power of their empathy and creativity. 

Outside of school, I enjoy riding my bike and listening to music. I have a pet cat named Koda, and he enjoys playing with strings and chasing my spouse's hairties. I look forward to a wonderful school year! Stay tuned to my website for school and class announcements!