Resources for Families

Hennepin County Library offers free online tutoring as well, which can be accessed every day from 1-11 p.m. with internet access and a library card.  


PDF How to Access Google Classroom   --  For Students: A step-by-step presentation showing you how to access your Google Classroom.
PDF How to Access School Email   --  For Students: a step-by-step presentation to help students learn how to access their school email.
Educational Resources

Sullivan Families, 

We want to be able to keep you up to date on the latest resources that may prove helpful during this 3-week break. Please click on the above link "Educational Resources" and you will find a list of online tools to help your children during this time. We hope to keep adding to this list as the days go by.

Snack Policy

Please read about our new snack policy.

Letter to Parents

Please read the letter regarding our school's designation as a FOCUS School.

Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning Department is focused on ensuring that every student, in every classroom, has access to engaging instruction and the opportunity to excel. 

Please visit the link here to learn about the district's plans and resources.

Family Involvement Plan

There are two family involvment letters below.  The first is the district's plan and the second is the Sullivan Family Involement Letter.

Minnesota Department of Education

These links will provide information on state guidelines and additional resources.