Fourth Grade Supply List
  • Black and White composition book
  • 4 red wide-ruled sprial notebooks
  • 4 blue wide ruled sprial notebooks
  • 1 pair child size scissors
  • 1 12 inch ruler
  • 4 packages of pencils
  • 2 sets of 5 tab index dividers
  • Blank check book registers for our behavior system ( please donate if possible )
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Kleenex 
                                                                               August 30, 2012
Dear Families of Anne Sullivan 4th Graders:
Mrs. Gores, Mrs. Duffy and Mrs. C-M would like to take a moment to explain to you our homework and behavior policies for the upcoming school year. If you have questions or concerns about the following information, please contact one of us at 668-5000 or email:,
            We believe that homework is an important tool to be used to sharpen and review skills your student has previously learned. Homework is something that your student should know how to do on their own and every assignment will have been explained before students leave for the day. It is more than acceptable to help students understand assignments but please try to let students discover their own answers. We also believe that it is important for you to look over your student’s work and make suggestions, but please do not correct homework for them and have them redo problems before returning it to school. This is to ensure that we are getting an accurate and complete picture of how your student learns and processes information. Homework will start in part, the week of September 13th, 2010. Your student’s homework schedule may vary according to the curriculum taught throughout the year. Please see the attached sheet for any specifics regarding homework that we may have. As an added incentive each quarter the students will have a goal of 80% for turning in homework.  Those students who reach or exceed this goal will be allowed to attend one of our quarterly “reward” field trips. Past trips have included: roller skating, Brackett Park, and Grand Slam! ANY STUDENT WITH PERFECT HOMEWORK FOR A QUARTER WILL RECEIVE ONE RAFFLE TICKET TO BE USED IN A DRAWING!!!
            Throughout the first few weeks of school, we will be learning procedures needed to make the most of our learning time each day. There are specific procedures in each of the 4th grade classrooms for walking in the hallways, using the restrooms, sharpening pencils, asking for help, etc.... Please talk with your student about what the procedures are in their specific classroom. Each Monday, students will receive a “Weekly Reflection Card”. On this card are boxes where positive comments or misbehavior can be documented for the week. There is also a set of specific academic and social expectations that both students and teacher will evaluate the student on for the week. Students and teachers will give a “G” for good, “S” for student improved behavior/some effort, or “C” for could be better. On the back of the reflection card you will find a check off list for homework or class work that was not completed for the week, a spot for the number of times your student needed to take a time away in another classroom or needed the youth counselors to be called. If your student is sent to the “Take a break” room for a time away, there is a reflection sheet that they may fill out and it will be sent home attached to the reflection card. It is to be signed and returned by a parent/guardian. There is also a place for teacher and parent comments and a line for a parent/guardian signature on the back. This is a way for teachers and parent/guardians to communicate weekly about what’s happening in the classroom and about student progress. These cards are sent home every Friday and need to be returned the following Monday, signed by an adult family member that is in charge of the student.
            There are many interventions that we will use to get students back on task before sending them to the “Take a break” room for a time away. Some of these interventions include: eye contact, moving closer to the student, reminding the student of the expectations, giving a warning, moving the student, marking the behavior on the reflection card, taking a some time in the “Take a break” chair, and other interventions. If a student cannot follow the expectations after these interventions have been tried, they will then be asked to take a time away in the “Take a Break” room (another classroom where they can sit and get themselves back together). If they cannot comply with that request then the school behavior team or youth counselors will be called. Parent/guardian contacts will be made at any point during the day to discuss the behavior and how we can work together to fix it. Attached you will find a sample reflection card and time away sheet. There are four main expectations for all students at Anne Sullivan this year;
*Be Respectful
*Be Responsible
*Be Safe
*Be Your Best
            The fourth grade team would like to thank you in advance for your partnership in making your child’s 4th grade year an outstanding experience. Again, please feel free to contact your student’s teacher if there are ever any concerns throughout the year by phone, sending a note or e-mail, or arranging a visit to the classroom. Our morning duty day starts at 7:45 am so it may sometimes be difficult to reach us in person before school starts. Please feel free to leave a message on our voice mail, or better yet, send us an email and we will try to get back to you before the end of the day. Please leave information on the voice mail or email about what time would be best to reach you. We can also sometimes be reached in person during our prep time from 12:30-1:25pm or after school: 2:50- 3:30pm. 
                                                                                    Thank you,
                                                                                     Mrs. Gores & Mrs. Duffy & Ms Lindsay
                                                                                    Anne Sullivan 4th grade team
I have read and understand the 4th grade homework and behavior policies.
_______________________                    _________________________
student signature                                         parent signature
Room 214/216/244 Homework
Monday: Math homework will be assigned (due Wednesday)
Wednesday: Writing journals come home daily. Students should be writing in them at least 2X a week (due Friday)
Thursday: Time for Kids will be assigned (due Monday)
Friday: Spelling list for the next week handed out (test on Friday)
             Reading log will be assigned (due the following Friday)
             Reflection card will be sent home (due on Monday)
All week your student(s) will be working on reading 20 minutes a night and working in their writing journals.
Reading logs ask students to read, either to themselves or to another person, for at least 20 minutes a day or 100 minutes (1 hour and 40 minutes) a week. You have all weekend and then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday to complete the time requirement. The students need to fill out the information on their reading log and then the parent/guardian will need to sign each entry. Research states that students only get better at reading by reading more. By reading 11 pages a day or 20 minutes your student will be increasing fluency, stamina, and comprehension. Please feel free to discuss the book(s) with your student and even read the book yourself to help facilitate discussions about the literature.
Math homework will consist of computation problems as well as problem solving questions that will come directly from our math curriculum.   The 4th grade team is in the process of putting together a helping with math homework manual for families to refer to when helping with math homework.
Time for Kids is a weekly magazine that we will be receiving at school. The students are expected to complete the attached work and return it to school on Monday.
Writing homework will consist of a traveling journal that should be written in at least 2x a week and returned on Friday.
Again, thank you for supporting your child. Please post the attached “quick reference sheet” in an area that is accessable.
Mrs. Gores, Mrs. Duffy and Mrs. C-M
Monday: Math homework will be assigned (due Wednesday)
Tuesday: work on reading log, writing journal, or missing homework night
Wednesday: Writing in journal (due Friday)
Thursday: Time for Kids will be assigned (due Monday)
Friday: Spelling list for the next week handed out (test on Friday)
       Reading log will be assigned (due the following Friday)
       Reflection card will be sent home (due on Monday)
All week your student(s) will be working on practicing how to spell their spelling words as well as reading 20 minutes a night.
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