Welcome to Sullivan
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Anne Sullivan community school is located in a quiet residential neighborhood, has a strong academic focus and a rich ethnic and cultural mix. Families and teachers are working together to strengthen individual student growth in all instructional areas.


At Anne Sullivan every child has a place and a voice; we hold high expectations for every member of the learning community, create a warm, safe environment based on collaboration, and build relationships between students, staff, families and the greater community.

Our students, parents and staff are proud of Anne Sullivan School.  It is a vibrant school dedicated to challenging, supporting and inspiring students to achieve their highest potential.  We believe in community values.  Accountability, responsibility, follow-through and reflection are key practiced behaviors by all members of the Anne Sullivan community. 


At Sullivan, we follow the four "B's":

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, and Always Be Your Best!

826MSP Creative Learning Experience

FREE creative writing fieldtrips with 826MSP (formerly Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute)

Students learn about the elements of a story—like character, setting, conflict, and plot—while working together in small and large groups. At the end of the field trip, students write their own endings to the collaborative story. The field trip emphasizes teamwork, idea generation, and elements of successful storytelling. Volunteers, including an illustrator, work with student authors to complete and publish a book in one session. Each student takes home a copy of the book with their unique ending. Field Trips are always freeFor more information please click this HERE.

AVID Information

Anne Sullivan has an AVID Elementary and Middle School program.