Welcome to Sullivan


Anne Sullivan community school is located in a quiet residential neighborhood, has a strong academic focus and a rich ethnic and cultural mix. Families and teachers are working together to strengthen individual student growth in all instructional areas.


At Anne Sullivan every child has a place and a voice; we hold high expectations for every member of the learning community, create a warm, safe environment based on collaboration, and build relationships between students, staff, families and the greater community.

Our students, parents and staff are proud of Anne Sullivan School.  It is a vibrant school dedicated to challenging, supporting and inspiring students to achieve their highest potential.  We believe in community values.  Accountability, responsibility, follow-through and reflection are key practiced behaviors by all members of the Anne Sullivan community. 


At Sullivan, we follow the four "B's":

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, and Always Be Your Best!


News Flash!

All Minneapolis Public Schools will remain closed until further notice


*Updated* Food Resoruces: 

If you/your family have questions about any of these resources, reach out to Marina Bibo or Mr. Lish and they will do their best to help you get connected! You can email Ms. Bibo at or text at 510-393-4673 (be sure to let me know who you are in your text)

  • BETWEEN NOW AND JUNE 30TH: Families can apply for a special Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) card worth up to $325 for each child in your family between the ages of 5 and 18 to buy food. To apply please go visit:
  • FREE FARMERS MARKET - TOMORROW (FRIDAY 6/12) 10am-noon: At Allianz Field in St. Paul, there is a food giveaway of FRESH FOOD - fruits/vegetables, milk, and meat (chicken and pork, optional). Although the flyer might say "Ramsey County" (St. Paul, not Mpls), it does state that it is OPEN TO EVERYONE WHO NEEDS IT. It's 50 pounds of food. See the link below for more information! *People are encouraged to drive to the event, if possible, as food deliveries will be made directly to vehicles, although walk-ups are also welcome. No documentation required and is open to anyone needing food support.
  • ​Anne Sullivan is one of the MPS Food Distribution sites where your family can pick up food boxes with 7 breakfasts and 7 lunches each - these boxes always include milk and fresh fruit and fresh veggies. You can also sign up for delivery of these boxes to your home by clicking this link:
  • For more information on MPS Summer food distribution please visit


Summer School Information:

Interested in registering your child in Summer School this year? Please visit to register or for more information on what programs are available that would best fit your child(ren)'s needs. ☀️

- To ensure the safety of students and staff, summer school will be held online!
- Starting June 15th - July 23, Monday through Thursday!


For students who still need a device or internet access, please CALL US at our main phone number 612.668.5000. Please make sure and leave a message with your request along with the following information – PLEASE SPEAK SLOWLY: 

● Your student’s first and last name.

● Your student’s current home address.

● The parent/guardian’s best phone number where they can be reached.

● The parent/guardian’s best email address where they can be reached. 


Click the link to learn more about the Parent Guide to Google Classroom

For further Educational Resources please click here or go to the "For Parents" section on our page!

MPS Online Enrichment Resources for Grades PK-12 can be accessed here This is a great way for our students to go over materials while we are away from school during this time. 

We will provide more info about learning alternatives, food supports, and other resources as we process guidance from the MN Department of Education. 

Visit Anne Sullivan's Facebook Page for more information on upcoming events!


AVID Information

Anne Sullivan has an AVID Elementary and Middle School program. 

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination, and is a program in which highly motivated, college-bound students learn different academic skills to ensure their success in high school and beyond.