EL Department Mission & Program Features

We work to ensure that English learners are fully engaged as school community members, learners, and critical thinkers. We see our students’ multilingual, multicultural identities as a tremendous asset, and we collaborate with students, families, and teachers to ensure that all students are supported in learning through and about both their native languages and English. Students receive culturally relevant, sheltered instruction in order to learn age-appropriate content while progressing toward proficiency in academic language and a variety of academic assessments.

We strive to achieve this through:

  • Collaborative co-planning and co-teaching between classroom and EL teachers within the mainstream classroom.


  • Direct English development services from EL teachers in self-contained settings for students in the early stages of their English development.


  • Sheltered English Language Arts in middle school grades for students transitioning out of the newcomer program.


  • Heritage Language bilingual instruction in Somali for K-1 Somali-speaking students.


  • Bilingual support in the mainstream classroom for students in the early stages of their English development.


  • School-wide professional development focused on meeting the needs of English learners.


NABAD (New-to-country accelerated bilingual academic development) program: Sheltered instruction in small classroom settings to meet the individual needs of students new to Sullivan and the United States.



Contact Ruth Woods, ELL Lead: Ruth.woods@mpls.k12.mn.us or 612-668-5000.