Staff Directory

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Adam, Mariam

EL Lead & 3rd grade EL
Adams, Michael

Adan, Mohamed

Dean, Grades 6 - 8
Amundson, Suzanne

DHH Interpreter
Anbacht, Nigel

Special Education Assistant (ASD)
Anderson, Jenna

Special Education Assistant


Call to report student's absence.

Beacons After School Program  612.668.5003
Beyer, Brenda

School Social Worker, ECSE
Bibo, Marina

Lead Instructional Specialist
Bilezikian, Liliane

School Social Worker - Hi-5, Kindergarten, HHM
Block, Mandi

Occupational Therapist

Blocker, Rod

Dean, Grades 3-5
Breezee, Diann

Teacher, Full Day High 5
Bunkowski, Laura

Teacher, Art
Burnham, Peter

Cannady, Chris

6th Grade EL Teacher
Chapman, Sandra

Teacher, Kindergarten
Chenoweth, Elle

Speech - Language Pathologist

Christensen-Mortland, Terry

Teacher, 2nd Grade
Clement, Bart

DHH Program Facilitator
Cole, Lynne

DHH Audiologist
Dahir, Sucdi

Special Education Assistant, ASD
Davis, Amy

School Social Worker, Grades 2-4
Delcourt, Erica

Special Education Assistant, ASD
Demgen, Mary

Special Education Assistant, ECSE High 5 Inclusion
DesLauriers (Johnson), Kari

Teacher, High-5

Duffy, Cheryl

Teacher, 4th Grade
Duong, Ha

IT Technician
Durkee, Rachel

Teacher, 1st Grade EL
Emich, Afton

Occupational Therapist
Erickson, Brittany

DHH Interpreter
Fadell, Maddy

Teacher, Grade 3
Fidow, Bello

Special Education Assistant, ECSE
Flynn, Tom

Associate Educator, Grade 4
Gansen-Hedegaard, Michelle

Teacher, ECSE
Giebenhain (Dionne), Michelle

Special Education Assistant, SER
Gores, Kaylen

Teacher, 4th Grade
Grems, Katie

Teacher, DHH
Hachi, Aden

Student Support Specialist, student records
Hager, Ashley

Kindergarten Teacher
Hanlon, Megan

Teacher, 7th & 8th Grade English Language Arts
Harness, Emma

Teacher, 5th & 6th grade EL
Harriss, Jennifer

Associate Educator, Grade 3
Hassan, Abdulkadir

Grow Your Own 

Hedberg, Jennifer

Hempel, Alicia

Teacher, 1st Grade
Holmes, Nick

IT Technician
Hovey, Jordan

Teacher, ASD
Hultberg, Joe

Special Education Assistant
Hyland, Derek

Teacher, 1st grade
Johnson, Autumn

Teacher, 5th & 6th grade Science

Johnson, Matt

Teacher, 7th & 8th Grade Science
Kesler, Liz

Teacher, 5th Grade Teacher
Kishel-Cross, Emily

ECSE Hi5 Inclusion
LaBrie, Cindy

School Administrative Manager
Larson, Birgit

School Social Worker DHH & 1st Grade
Lee, Andy (Ting Wai)

Teacher, Kindergarten ASD
Lenart, Kelli

Teacher, DHH Grade 3
Lero, Allison (Ali)

3-4 grade Teacher, ASD
Lien, Jennifer

Lindsay, Marisa

Differentiation Specialist
Lindsey, Erin

Teacher, 7th & 8th Grade Math
Lish, Steve

School Social Worker - CLASS, Grades 5-8
Liu, Cindy

Teacher, 2nd Grade
Liulevicius, Gytis

Teacher, Grade 6 EL & NABAD
March, Bethany

Health Services Assistant
Martin, Laura

DHH Audiologist
Mayberry, Bobbi

Special Education Assistant, ECSE
Mayers, Melany

Teacher, Kindergarten
McArdle, Annette

Teacher, 1st Grade
Mejia, Ruby

Secretary, Transportation
Mercil, Sara

Special Education Assistant - ECSE, DHH

Mickey, JaCara

Associate Educator, High Five
Miller, Riley

Special Education Assistant, ASD
Mohamed, Maylum

Teacher, 5th & 6th Grade
Mohamed, Mubarak

EL Teacher, 4th Grade
Mohamud, Omar

Special Education Assistant
Montbriand, Kelli

Teacher, 1st & 2nd grade ASD
Moore, Nate

Teacher, Middle School Special Education Resource
Newbauer, Whitney

Teacher, 2nd Grade
Nwachuku, Meg

Teacher, 3rd Grade
O'Donnell, Meghan

Teacher, Kindergarten EL
Olbekson, Louisa

Beacons Coordinator 

Osman, Abdirahman

Teacher, 5th & 6th grade Math
Palm, Joe

Teacher, Media Arts
Pearson, Katie

Special Education Assistant

Peterson, Andrea

Special Education Assistant, ECSE
Placido, Sheila

School Nurse

Poppler, Megan

Quinn, Deirdre

Teacher, 3rd Grade EL
Reichert-Giron, Amani

Special Education Assistant

Said, Mohammed

Associate Educator, Kindergarten, Somali/Oromo Bilingual
Sanders, Jeff

Teacher, Physical Education
Sanders, Trey

Special Education Assistant
SanRoman, Paul

Head Custodian
Schouweiler, Jordan

Associate Educator
Sheikh, Safia

Associate Educator, Grade 2, Somali Bilingual
Simon, Linzi

Associate Educator
Snow (Kinnard), Leah

Speech Therapist
Stricherz, Jamie

Teacher on Special Assignment
Strickland Johnson, Amy

Teacher, Health & Physical Education
Trainor, Cathy

Speech/Language, ECSE
VanEtten, Julie

Teacher, ECSE
Vang, Nancy

Special Education Assistant, DHH
VanLanen, Tara

VanPatten, Mike

Teacher, 3rd to 5th grade SERT

Wagner, Lindsey

Wagner, Matt

Teacher, 5th & 6th grade Social Studies & Reading 180
Wallace, Todd

Physical Education

Warren, Kaytee

Teacher, ECSE
Waugaman, Stephanie

Associate Educator
Wealot, Ellery

Special Education Assistant
White, Katie

Associate Educator
Williams, Courtney

Speical Education Assistant, ECSE
Wyse, Erik

Special Education Assistant, ASD