Resources for State Tourism Project

What Information Can Be Found About Your State?

Agriculture and Industry - click "Economies" on the left of the screen.

America's Library - Library of Congress.

American States - some things to know about your state.

Area Ranking: ranked by size.

Average Temperature: Click the name of your state and then click "Geography" on the left of the page. Scroll down to find climate information. Look for the "Average Temperature" - not the highest and lowest the temperature has ever been. Click the green USA map for additional facts and maps.

A County Library Resource - Resources from a County Library

Enchanted Learning - USA - States

Factmonster - source for 5 largest cities, land area, governor, statehood, agriculture and industry, things to see and do, famous people from your state, colleges and universities and historical timeline - also look for Agriculture and Industry.
Famous People from Your State - click your state and then read in the white section of the page.

Fast Facts - Facts and Study Guide

Geography - fast facts plus links of interest.

"I Never Knew That" facts  - click on the state you have chosen to see the "I never Knew That" facts
Interesting information - click on your state and then click the "Interesting Facts" link on the right-hand side.

license plate maker       Coin          State Flag

Learn about your state! - what information does the federal government have about your state?

Minimum Wage: - what do you earn in your state?

State Map: - what is the shape of your state?

     More and still More - choices, choices, choices!

     More - State map and flags, landmarks and Americana

Things to See and Do - click your state and then click "Tourism"