- The school district has used Urban Planet to host teacher, school and district web pages since 2003.

- All staff is required to complete training before being granted website access.  See the link to the Training for Staff Website Access below for instructions on how to access the training.

- After completing training, teachers will have access to their own web pages and also to the group (ex. Middle School) summary page. 

- To edit your page login at: http://sullivan.mpls.k12.mn.us/admin
- Your username is first.last (You don’t have to type in the @mpls.k12.mn.us.) (Username and password are not the same as your district username and password.)
- You can change your password by clicking on Settings.
- If you don’t know your password, let the Website Administrator (currently Ruby Mejia) know and she can reset it and send you a new password. (This is independent of your district password.)
- Green means your page is visible. Red means your page is off and cannot be viewed. (Click red/green button to turn it on or off.)

How to Edit a page:
- Click Edit and type what you want on the page
- Click Save to save your page
- Click View Site to view your page
- Click the back arrow
- Click Edit to continue editing

Some things to include on your web page:

- Type your name and what you do.

Section Intro:
- An inspiring quote
- Best way to contact you by phone or email
- Your background - Where you went to school, degrees, licenses.
- I have taught at Sulllivan since _____.
- Courses you are teaching and your syllabi
- Personal info (optional)

Add Subsections for your classes.

Here are some examples:


document Training for Staff Website Access   --  Directions on how to complete the training required for staff to access the web pages.